Microplane Maker 'Disappointed' His Tool Is Used in Kitchens; Baristas Show Off Style with Required Headgear

The Landmarks Preservation Commission has named the former Childs Restaurant building in Coney Island a landmark, citing its "architectural, historic and cultural significance." [Brooklyn Eagle]

Diners will eat out more often in 2011, but will not be spending as much on each meal, according to a new study. [BusinessWire]

A rare breed of cacao bean, called Nacional, was discovered in Peru . These cacao trees are largely extinct, with only hybrids used in chocolate making. [NY Times]

One of the makers of the Microplane, originally created as a woodworking tool, says he was disappointed to learn his creation was being used in kitchens. [NY Times]

Two brands of almond milk -- Silk Pure Almond and Almond Breeze from Blue Diamond -- are going head-to-head for market share now that almond milk is gaining popularity. [Wall Street Journal]

McDonald's in Japan is focusing on highly caloric menu items, like the Big America 2 burgers, with 713 and 645 calories each. [NY Times]

Dining and dashing is on the rise, according to the NYPD. And apparently, it isn't kids who do it; it's older, more moneyed folk. [NY Post]

Armin Amiri, the former doorman at Bungalow 8 who now acts in such films as The Fighter, is opening a new bar in the Mondrian Soho hotel. [NY Post]

The Health Department is cracking down on baristas, who must wear hats or hairnets while working. Baristas are complying with hats that better reflect their personal style. [NY Times]

Some 37 percent of New York City residents had difficulty affording food in 2010, down from 48 percent at the start of the recession in 2008. [Wall Street Journal]

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