Mochi Kill Japanese Revelers; Food Safety Bill to Be Signed Today

Mochi, or sticky rice cakes, popular on New Year's Eve in Japan, send hundreds of people -- mostly aged 60 and over -- to the hospital each year, making it the most suffocating food in the country. [Wall Street Journal]

Bison ranchers are having a hard time keeping up with the growing demand for bison meat that has followed reports of its health benefits. [Huffington Post]

Restaurant chains are pushing low-calorie options post-holiday, such as Applebee's new SkinnyBee cocktails and Dunkin' Donuts's egg-white veggie Wake-Up Wraps. [Nation's Restaurant News]

About 90 percent of people polled said their diet was much healthier than it actually is, due to large amounts of sugar, fat, and carbohydrates they consume. [NY Daily News]

Remember that revolutionary food safety bill that was passed -- twice -- late last year? President Obama is signing it into law today. [Bloomberg]

Sandra Lee, New York's "first girlfriend," started acting like a governor's wife, visiting a food bank near Albany yesterday. [NBC New York]

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