'Modern Australian' Food Coming to the East Village

Although East Villagers are currently busy arguing over whether the closure of Mercadito Cantina is a good thing, they'll soon have the opportunity to debate the merits of Australia, or at least its edible manifestation on Second Avenue.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Morgan McGlone, the New Zealand-born chef at Sydney's Flinders Inn, is planning to open a 45-seat restaurant serving "modern Australian" food in September. It will be located in the vicinity of East 5th Street, though there's sadly no indication it will bring new life to the benighted Kurve space, which is currently spending its afterlife as a billboard/graffiti canvas.

There's likewise no word yet on how the "modern Australian" concept will manifest itself, but given that many of the city's existing Australian restaurants -- Eight Mile Creek, Ruby's, Bondi Road, Tuck Shop, and Sheep Station among them -- skew toward the pub-food end of the spectrum, it will be interesting to see what sort of interpretation McGlone will bring to the table. His menu at Flinders Inn was freighted with seafood and meat prepared with French techniques and complemented by eclectic ingredients like seaweed butter, labne, and black salt, which indicates that meat pies and shrimp on the barbie won't be among his signature dishes.

[Via Grub Street]

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