More on Korea's Kimchi Shortage; Latin Food is All the Rage

The U.S.'s findings about the dangers of BPA have so far been inconclusive. But in Canada, it's official: Bisphenol A is toxic. [Time]

Kimchi has become so expensive in Korea that some restaurants in Seoul no longer offer it free as a banchan before the meal. [NY Times]

According to Men's Health, the Cheesecake Factory's Bistro Shrimp Pasta is the worst food in America, with 2,727 calories and 78 grams of saturated fat. [BusinessWire]

Latin food is all the rage these days, with more restaurants embracing Latin American influences on their menus. [Nation's Restaurant News]

A profile of Mars Bar notes that in a gentrified East Village, the pee-stained bar "carries the 'dive bar' torch simply by refusing to die." [Wall Street Journal]

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