More Pastel Frosting to Befall the City

Know the dot. Fear the dot.
Know the dot. Fear the dot.
David Berkowitz/flickr

Predictions of the coming cupcake crash be damned: New York is set to suck down another sugar suppository, courtesy of Sprinkles. The Los Angeles cupcake juggernaut, which modestly describes itself as "the world's first cupcake bakery," will open a New York location, according to its website. A rep for the bakery says neither the opening date nor location have yet been determined, but if any a cupcake purveyor can go mano a mano with Magnolia, Crumbs, and their sugar coma-inducing ilk, it's Sprinkles.

Though its name may conjure images of My Little Ponies and Easy Bake ovens, don't be fooled: The four-year-old bakery's owners have filed no less than three lawsuits against bakeries that had the nerve to use a decorative dot on their cupcakes, which Sprinkles claimed infringed upon its own trademarked dot. The company has also sent at least a dozen cease-and-desist letters to bakeries that used some iteration of "sprinkle" in their name. So if you thought that New York's cupcake bakeries knew how to fight dirty, just wait. Because nothing's dirtier than a dot with a grudge.

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