More Tainted Produce; Sandwiches from Around the Country Come to NYC

Killer cantaloupes are still a concern, and now you also have lettuce to worry about. A California lettuce grower has recalled 2,498 cartons of chopped or shredded romaine over more Listeria monocytogenes fears. [CNN]

Alton Brown says that Good Eats 3 will be his last traditional cookbook. His next one will be an e-book. [AP]

Anita Lo, Amanda Cohen, and other female chefs took part in "Skirt Steak: How (Women) Chefs Get the Job Done," a panel discussion at the NYC Wine & Food Festival. [Wall Street Journal]

Here's some obvious advice: To find the next big restaurant, look for something new, rather than something already trendy. Also, see where chefs are eating. [Wall Street Journal]

A roundup of regional sandwiches from around the country includes the Wreck from Chicago at Potbelly Sandwich Shop and the muffuletta from NOLA at Fort Defiance. [NY Post]

Following the invasion of Tim Horton's, another Canadian coffee chain -- this one oddly named Timothy's Coffee -- is opening its first U.S. location in Boston. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Denmark has introduced what may be the world's first fat food tax: a surcharge on foods with more than 2.3 percent saturated fats. [ABC News]

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