Moshe Kosher Bakery Now Stocked with Sufganiyot

Moshe's Miracles
Moshe's Miracles

Hanukkah (which begins tonight) is a pretty rad holiday when it comes to eating because all the traditional foods are fried, symbolizing the miracle of the temple oil lasting for eight nights. Latkes get all the love, but sufganiyot (or jelly doughnuts in layman's terms) deserve their moment in the sun (or under the flickering menorah candlelight, as the case may be).

Through the end of the holiday, Moshe Kosher Bakery in the East Village is stocked with raspberry-jam-stuffed sufganiyot showered with powdered sugar. The doughnuts, which aren't overly sweet, are ultra-moist and light with a slight crunch. They are some of the best we've tasted, and a steal at only $1.80 apiece. Now, if only the miracle of Hanukkah had been year-round.

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