New York Flaunts its Coffee Chops; Tap Water Takes Off

New York City can finally claims to be a first city of coffee now that some 40 new cafes have opened in the last two years, including such serious coffee bars as Abra├žo in the East Village, Third Rail Coffee in the West Village, and most recently Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg. [NY Times]

Tap water is enjoying a revival, which has led to several systems to purify it, such as a water bottle with a built-in filter, and a unit that pulls moisture from the air and filters it. [Wall Street Journal]

Many first-time gardeners failed last year due to inexperience, as well as late blight and heavy rainfall. Experts agree that now is the perfect time to correct 2009's mistakes. [Wall Street Journal]

A handful of restaurants have enlisted in-house foragers to unearth those extra special and rare ingredients. Johanna Kolodny forages for the newly opened Print. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Pringles' taco and cheeseburger chips are the latest products to be recalled as part of the larger recall of foods made with a popular flavor enhancer contaminated with salmonella. [Christian Science Monitor]

New Yorkers are used to tight squeezes, but some restaurants are exceptionally short on space, like Graffiti in the East Village, Smith & Mills in Tribeca, and Abistro in Fort Greene. [NY Post]

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