New York Goes Cook-off Crazy; Recession Dining Has a Silver Lining

Big food companies are hijacking the locavore label: Frito-Lay will run five different ads in Florida that highlight small, local farmers who grow some of the two billion pounds of potatoes that go into its bags of chips. [NY Times]

Several studies are researching the benefits of manuka honey. Native to New Zealand, honey made from the manuka bush has been found to have antibacterial properties due to a chemical reaction that occurs when it is made that produces hydrogen peroxide. [NaturalNews]

A program, originally funded by NASA, that teaches school children about growing food aboard spaceships will likely be shut down after it was discovered that the $100,000-a-year federal grant that now funds the program is mostly used to pay a $60,000 salary to a woman who has died. [NJ Star Ledger]

The city has gone cook-off crazy. Last weekend was the Tofu Takedown, hosted by Matt Timms of Chili, Bacon and Fondue Takedown fame. Other cook-offs have included the Park Slope Pork-Off, Guactacular Invitational and Cupcake Cook-Off--and that was just last week. [NY Times]

Ten reasons to love the recession for dining out include the end of velvet ropes (read: an un-douchy addition to the Meatpacking district), cheaper wine options, and the end of gold flakes in our food. [NY Post]

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