Not All Yelpers Are Created Equal; OWS Protesters Target Fancy Restaurants

Junk food is now being blamed for low sperm counts in young adult males. [Business Insider]

If you thought the tainted cantaloupe death toll had peaked, you were wrong. A second New York death brings the total up to 25. [Wall Street Journal]

Some Yelp reviewers -- Yelpers -- are so influential they can make or break a restaurant nowadays. [NY Post]

Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia may or may not renew his contract with the team, but he has signed on to become part owner of the new Hooters in Murray Hill. [NY Post]

Who said capitalism is dead? Thanks to Occupy Wall Street, Libertos Pizzeria rakes in about $3,525 on a good Monday. [NY Post]

Also in OWS news, the protesters are now targeting the restaurants of the rich and famous, like Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Café. [Crain's]

With competition increasing among supermarkets, packaged food manufacturers are vying for a presence in the popular produce section. [Wall Street Journal]

Elaine's is in contract to be sold for more than $8.4 million. Don't worry, says buyer Robert Skolnick, "Elaine's will be in good hands." [NY Post]

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