Nuns Drink Riesling, Too? New York State Riesling Gets Its Moment of Glory

Das grapes at Dr. Frank's.
Das grapes at Dr. Frank's.

New York State Rieslings materialized because of a Quebec convent? Zut alors!

Salon's piece on the origins of the Finger Lakes' award-winning Rieslings -- which Culinary Institute of America wine director Steven Kolpan says are among the world's best whites -- is packed with trivia like the tale of Dr. Konstantin Frank, a Ukrainian immigrant who landed stateside with only $40 and went on to help create the Finger Lakes wine industry. Kolpan winds to a close by recommending a great $15 bottle and suggesting pairing your trendy fried chicken with Riesling.

Thai food and Riesling: Check. Ceviche and Riesling: Check. Fried chicken?! Kolpan, a whole new vista of boozing has been unveiled. Thank you.

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