NYC Restaurants Are Victims of Major Cooking Grease Heist

A restaurant's leftover cooking grease will be sopped up by city oil haulers, right? Not if black-market oil bandits get to it first. The NY Post reports that the theft of "yellow grease" -- the excess fry oil that's bought by haulers and later used to make biodiesel -- is on the rise as more unlicensed operators have been able to make a profit from selling the ingredient. Once stolen, the grease is illegally sold for $1 per gallon (legal operators will typically buy a restaurant's excess for around $2 per gallon). The biggest problem facing city kitchens trying to control the slick situation: These burglars move quickly. "They're so fast they stole the whole thing in 45 seconds. It takes the company I hire almost five minutes to get the same oil," Milk Restaurant owner Eric Mayor told the Post. Of course, we already knew that a few underground deep-frying operations were popping up around town. [NYP]

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