NYC's Ten Best Savory Pies

chicken "pop" pie from the now-defunct Popover Cafe
chicken "pop" pie from the now-defunct Popover Cafe

Baked in a dish or swaddled by a crust, savory pies are essentially just self-contained stews — and you already know our feelings about those. So indulge your inner carnivore.

NYC's Ten Best Savory Pies

10. ChipShop, 129 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-855-7775 Deep frying goes gonzo at the flagship location of this Brooklyn restaurant mini-chain specializing in fish and chips and other UK fare. There's a time and a place for fried cherry pies and battered chocolate confections, but for a hearty meal that warms right to the core, look no further than the steak and kidney pie. There's an offal-less steak pie on the menu as well, but the kidneys add a wonderful iron undercurrent to the thickened stock that coats each piece of meat. Like a beefy warrior lording over its fallen starch enemies, the pie sits atop a pile of the shop's excellent thick-cut chips.

NYC's Ten Best Savory Pies

9. Tanoreen, 7523 Third Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-748-5600 Rawia Bishara's Bay Ridge favorite is beloved for its bold flavors rooted in the foundations of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. But beyond the delectable dips, spreads, and grilled meats are a number of fun and ultimately successful tangential dishes like shawarma sliders and a bronzed brick of shepherd's pie. A browned layer of garlic mashed potatoes hides cumin-spiced lamb mixed with chopped almonds. It's hearty without being overly rich, and an accompanying side salad helps lighten things further. You might even have room for dessert.

NYC's Ten Best Savory Pies
Ed's Lobster Bar

8. Ed's Lobster Bar, 222 Lafayette Street, 212-343-3236 Crustacean czar Ed McFarland serves his lobster pot pie in a miniature cast iron cauldron. Hit with a dusting of black truffle salt prior to baking in the oven, the steamed lobster chunks work their osmotic magic on the stew, melding with mushrooms flambeed in sherry. Cracking into the engorged disc of puff pastry that tops the dish begins a dangerous race to the finish that only you and your mouth can complete.

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