Obama Foodarama Profile & Breaking News--People Like Fruit Even in the Bronx!

A new fruit cart located in what is known as a Bronx "food desert" has already become quite popular. The cart is part of a citywide effort to encourage fruit stand vendors to open up shop in low-income neighborhoods where fast-food chains reign. [NY Times]

Obama Foodorama, the blog by Eddie Gehman Kohan that chronicles what the Obamas eat and other food issues surrounding the president, gets profiled. Kohan, a food writer and agriculture policy consultant, tracks down such juicy tidbits as Michelle eating sirloin in London or Sasha and Malia chowing fish and chips. [ABS-CBN]

A new study suggests that certain people overeat because they continue to salivate longer in response to food. Saliva production tends to decline once you've gotten used to the taste of a certain food and had enough of it. The process, called habituation, occurs to a lesser degree in people who are obese. [NY Times]

A new report on ice cream, alcohol, and coffee trends is out. Apparently, gender plays a role in ice cream flavor preference; Americans are torn between Starbucks and indie cafes; and beer is the alcoholic beverage of choice at restaurants, bars, and at home. [Earth Times]

Famous foodies like Chef Rocco DiSpirito and Queer Eye guy Ted Allen admit to eating fast food sometimes when they travel, including such treats as pretzel-covered hot dogs and Cinnabons. [NY Daily News]

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