Oh No! Napkins Are Shrinking; Starbucks Hot Tea Claim Suspicious

Apparently, napkins are shrinking. The average size has gone from 30 inches square some 25 years ago to 20. [Wall Street Journal]

Alice Waters's daughter, Fanny Singer, admits that she sometimes buys imported, non-organic fruit out of season, surely to her mother's disapproval. [Wall Street Journal]

A new breed of Asian fast-food joint is making food that's fresh and rather slow, including Glaze Teriyaki Grill, Sensebowl, and Food Gallery 32. [NY Post]

ConAgra has taken on the cause of child hunger, financing a 30-minute program hosted by Al Roker to raise awareness of the crisis. [NY Times]

Compose, which until now has served its $120 10-course tasting menu for a single 7 o'clock seating a night, will add a second seating, at 10. [Diner's Journal]

Japanese authorities have heightened monitoring for radiation contamination in food. So far, the highest levels were found in a sample of spinach. [Reuters]

Starbucks says that a woman who filed a complaint that she was splashed with boiling water when a barista slid a cup of hot tea across the counter is lying. [NY Post]

Instant cups of noodles are being sent by the truckload to the survivors of the Japanese earthquake. [NY Times]

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