Oh Noes! Crabs Feel Pain

Researchers at the University of Belfast say that the results of their recent study proves that crabs (and therefore other crustaceans) feel pain.
They figured this out by delivering electrical shocks to the bellies of hermit crabs; the crabs, unsurprisingly, turned out not to like that. (Mmmmm, crab bellies...)

So the next time you're wrestling a lobster into a pot, trying to convince yourself that you shouldn't feel badly, I guess you should, after all. A quicker, but more queasy method: a sharp chef's knife through the point just below the back of the lobster's head. That's apparently where their central nervous system is, and it kills them immediately. And not only is the end quicker, but then you can then grill or bake the lobsters instead of being wedded to boiling.

The study is published in Animal Behavior.

[via Yahoo News]

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