Our 10 Best and Cheapest Grand Central Terminal Eats

Our 10 Best and Cheapest Grand Central Terminal Eats

Dive into the comparative culinary wonderland!

For two railroad terminals only two-thirds of a mile apart as the crow flies, the chow couldn't be more different. Penn Station is awash in cheesy fast food, and the rancid smell fills your nostrils as you run for the train. By contrast, the culinary offerings of Grand Central Terminal are much more effete -- but scarcely more expensive.

In fact, you could treat Grand Central as a culinary destination, as well as an architectural one. While Penn Station has 58 dining opportunities on two levels, Grand Central has 44 on three levels, most in the Grand Central Market area -- where the stalls are prohibited from serving hot food, but have plenty of room-temperature offerings -- or on the lower level, referred to rather hilariously as the "Dining Concourse."

Still, in our days of pacing the terminal, we treated the experience of dining there as if we were in a bit of a hurry, as commuters often are. Indeed, you could spend hours in the restaurants Métrazur and Michael Jordan's The Steak House, but we ignored those places, emphasizing cheaper and faster fare. Even we were surprised at some of the excellent viands available. Here are our top 10.

Our 10 Best and Cheapest Grand Central Terminal Eats

10. Track Five Sushi Combo at Masato -- The $7.50 bento includes kanpyo (dried gourd), pickled daikon, and cucumber with plum paste, along with a couple of inari pockets filled with vinegared rice. Vegan, Dining Concourse

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