Our 10 Best Bushwick Restaurants

Our 10 Best Bushwick Restaurants

Plenty of fleecy white ricotta nicely peppered, pickled artichokes, and mozzarella on a perfect coal-fired crust, from Verde Coal Oven

Bushwick is potentially one of Brooklyn's best dining destinations. With its large Latin population, the cuisines of the Spanish diaspora are well-represented. The Mexican taquerias are among the best in the city -- partly as a result of the close proximity of tortilla factories lined up along Flushing Avenue; the neighborhood also harbors institutions like Mole Poblano La Asuncion, where the chocolaty and nutty mole is handcrafted in a day-long grinding, roasting, and mixing operation, before being distributed to the city's Mexican restaurants.

The hipster food is damn good, too, borne on the backs of artists who moved into the lofts of canal-side West Bushwick, where the Boar's Head factory still stands at the center of the food scene, and also enjoyed by the students from Pratt, SVA, NYU, Baruch, and a dozen other schools who have more recently arrived in search of cheap housing. There are all sorts of other immigrants, too, plus an indigenous Italian and German presence now barely apparent.

There are plenty of dining venues in Bushwick to love, and following are our favorite 10, constituting places we want to return to again and again.

Our 10 Best Bushwick Restaurants

A Bushwick culinary landmark: the back end of the Boar's Head plant

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