Our 10 Best Cheeses

Our 10 Best Cheeses

Is it a piece of marble or a blue cheese? And did it make the list of Our 10 Best Cheeses?

Who doesn't love cheese? A friend says she administers a cheese test to potential boyfriends. If the guy doesn't crave the coagulated milk products of cows, sheep, goats, or water buffalo, it's no dice! (Why is there no such thing as pig's milk cheese? And what about llama cheese?)

Our 10 Best Cheeses

The glass case at Murray's in the West Village only hints at the profusion and splendor of cheeses available in the city.

At Fork in the Road, we love cheese, too, so much so that we can't stop thinking about it. We tasted and considered, tasted and considered, to produce this ranked list of the world's best cheeses. You're likely to disagree with some of our selections--that's fine, because cheese is entirely democratic. We wish, of course, that some cheeses were not so expensive. For those that are, a little often goes a long way. So throw away that package of Kraft American Slices, and dig in!

Here, then, is a very opinionated list of Our 10 Best Cheeses, with a handful of runners-up. Please let us know the varieties that you love which we might have omitted.

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