Our 10 Best Cupcakes in NYC

Billy's Daisy is a flower of a cupcake.
Billy's Daisy is a flower of a cupcake.
Lauren Shockey

You gotta feel sorry for the little cupcake. Overhyped by Sex and the City, then derided by food writers, they've become turds of the dessert world. True, cupcake conglomerates like Crumbs and even Magnolia Bakery aren't doing a lot for the single-serving confection (and everyone knows Magnolia is all about banana pudding, anyway). But that's not to say that you can't still find a good cupcake in this town. In fact, you can find 10 totally delicious frosting-topped desserts. Want to know where? Check out Our 10 Best Cupcakes in NYC.

10. Yellow Daisy from Billy's Bakery: Billy's, a mini-chain with branches in Chelsea, Tribeca, and Nolita, is home to one of our favorite vanilla-on-vanilla cupcakes. Its pale-yellow-colored frosting is sweet, for sure, but amply proportioned with the amount of cake. It leaves a creamy, buttery, vanilla feeling in your mouth, while the cake itself has a lovely crumb. 268 Elizabeth Street, 212-219-9956

9. Fleur de Sel from Sweet Revenge: The cupcakes at Sweet Revenge can be a little hit or miss. Sometimes the cake is too dry or there's way too much frosting. But when they get it right, it's really right. The Fleur de Sel flavor combines Argentine caramel cake with a caramel buttercream frosting for a dulce de leche-like dessert that's, yep, delish. 62 Carmine Street, 212-242-2240

8. Pistachio from Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Sugar Sweet Sunshine keeps the Lower East Side buzzy with its range of cupcakes, though we're partial to the pistachio version. While not overly nutty, it has a mild pistachio flavor and icing that's not too sweet. Occasionally they can be a tad dry, but it's still a lovely, unusual offering in the cupcake world. 126 Rivington Street, 212-995-1960

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