Our 10 Best Fried Chickens

Our 10 Best Fried Chickens

Open 24 hours, New Caporal has long served the fried chicken needs of Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights, and its logo is a cowboy chick standing on a clump of foliage with a blazing pistol.

Almost everybody loves fried chicken. The dish was brought to America by enslaved persons from West Africa during our colonial era, and quickly became one of the shining standards of the national cuisine.

The best Soul Food joints in town make fried chicken the way its been done for over 200 years: with just a dusting of flour on the surface of the bird, exercising constant vigilance to keep the skin intact during cooking. Thus, the skin provides the crunch, without the excess encumbrance of heavy breading.

The recipe has gone all over the world, and now many ethnicities make their own fried chicken--the Koreans with sugar and crushed chiles, the Chinese with ground-up cornflakes as the coating. The Japanese make excellent fried chicken cut up into small pieces, while the Dominicans often dip their bird in vinegar prior to frying.

Here, then, are Our 10 Best Fried Chickens, with a passel of runners-up. Feel free to disagree with our list by providing your own favorites on the last page.

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