Our 10 Best: Greek Restaurants in NYC

Our 10 Best: Greek Restaurants in NYC

Beautiful grilled sardines, one of the many non-endangered species available at Greek restaurants.

Think for a minute how much we owe to the Greeks. Archimedes of Syracuse (the one in Sicily, not in New York) discovered the means of calculating the volume of an irregular mass as he sat in his bathtub, while Aeschylus fathered tragedy, while formulating many of the tropes of modern drama. Greeks gave us architectural features that still persist today, as anyone walking by the main post office is likely to discover. And we owe them plenty for creating a cuisine that can satisfy all diners, be they vegetarian, carnivorous, or pescatarian.

Our 10 Best: Greek Restaurants in NYC

The handsome interior of Uncle Nick's, Eighth Avenue branch. Will it make the top 10?

For, you see, Greek cuisine caters to all three tastes in just proportion. The vegetarian discovers a whole world of mezze, those tapas-like dishes that can be scooped with bread to make a most satisfying meal, and a wealth of feta-bearing salads. The island-born Greeks are responsible for devising methods of preparing seafood so simple they'd make Mark Bittman blush, while the concern of mainlanders for lamb and quails, and the expert grilling of same, stand as an example that every backyard chef should follow.

We struggled mightily with the list this week, and hope you find it to your liking. We have included cheap places and expensive places, and will indicate with an asterisk those restaurants where your meal may top out at $50 or more. Here, without further ado, are our top 10 selections and a crowd of runners-up.

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