Our 10 Best NYC Pizzerias, 2010 Edition

Our 10 Best NYC Pizzerias, 2010 Edition

Not on the menu, but always available, Roberta's guanciale-and-egg pie demonstrates some of the place's strange but effective ideas about pizza.

New York has always been the world capital of pizza, ever since the pie-as-we-know-it was invented at Lombardi's bakery sometime before 1905. That pie has traveled all over the globe, and is even imitated in Italy.

Meanwhile, in a rear-guard action, the smaller individual pies of Naples, soft as throw pillows, have arrived here with an agenda - to prove that theirs are the only real pizzas. Fiddlesticks! But those pizzas are great, too, and now many of the city's newest pizzerias imitate Naples, rather than New York.

Which is fine, because it only expands our roster of pizza styles, which run into the dozens if you're willing to make fine distinctions. So, whether your favorite is coal oven, wood oven, brick oven, conventional oven, cooked from the bottom, or even barbecued; spare of toppings or lushly furnished; Sicilian or Neapolitan or "authentic" Neapolitan; meaty or vegetarian -- you can find a pie in town that you can't stop loving.

In June, 2009, we tallied Our 10 Best Pizzas, but lots of pies have come down the pike since then, necessitating a reassessment. Following are our current faves:

Our 10 Best NYC Pizzerias, 2010 Edition

Like onions? Try this crazy pie from Co.

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