Our 10 Best People-Watching Restaurants

Will Golden Shopping Mall make the list?
Will Golden Shopping Mall make the list?
Grub Street

In Garlic and Sapphires, Ruth Reichl writes, "Every restaurant is a theater...even the modest restaurants offer the opportunity to become someone else, at least for a little while." What we like best is to be in the audience. New York is marvel of people-watching--a dense population plus many public spaces equals stories unfolding everywhere, if you take the time to look. And a restaurant offers myriad possibilities. Where else might someone propose, break-up, rant about Bernie Madoff, drunkenly make-out, fall in love, or walk out in a huff, all in the company of strangers?

There's even a website devoted to people-watching's attendant entertainment, eavesdropping. Overheard in New York records gems like this one, overheard in the subway: Small girl: Good people don't give up. Small boy: Jesus did.

We haven't heard anything quite that good at a restaurant lately, but you never know. Anything might happen, and something always does.

We've picked our top 10 restaurants for people-watching--all of the eateries have acceptable food, but that's not what it's about. The list highlights places that show New Yorkers in all their ridiculous, diverse, splendid glory.

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Grand Central Oyster Bar
Grand Central Oyster Bar

10. Bereket Turkish Kabob House (Turkish. Large window looks out onto Houston, assorted miscreants wander in.) 187 East Houston Street, 212-475-7700

9. The Wright (New American. The Guggenheim's new restaurant hosts and entertaining group of tourists and well-preserved Upper East Siders, who talk about opera and Katie Lee Joel.) 1071 Fifth Avenue, 212-427-5690

8. The lunch counter at Grand Central Oyster Bar (Seafood. Sit at the serpentine counter and watch the action: fleet-handed oyster-shuckers, fleet-footed waiters, hurried commuters, blissed out oyster slurpers.) 89 East 42nd Street, 212-490-6653

7. The New French (Eclectic. A large window looks out onto Hudson, where the West Village parades by: Dogs large and small, cyclists, pretty people, drag queens.) 522 Hudson Street, 212-807-7357

6. City Bakery (Bakery. Great mix of people, ample viewing area from upstairs: Yuppie parents, tourists, hot chocolate freaks, and impeccably attired older people.) 3 West 18th Street, 212-366-1414

Next: the top five people-watching restaurants in New York...

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