Our 10 Best Restaurant Wedding Venues in NYC

Here come the brides and grooms!
Here come the brides and grooms!

Summertime is wedding season. In FitR's first-ever Wedding Week, we're celebrating the best wedding season ever because it's the first during which anyone can marry, regardless of color, creed, or sexual preference. Yay! Two people joining in holy matrimony is indeed a wonderful thing. But planning a wedding is not always so. We hope to help alleviate the inevitable stress of it all with our picks for the 10 Best Restaurant Wedding Venues in NYC. We're grading these venues not only on eats, but also according to what they offer brides and grooms (bang for buck, say) and how special or original they are. In other words, they're where we might get married someday ... (sigh).

A wedding among the wines
A wedding among the wines

10. Scottadito Osteria Toscana: Done up like a rustic Tuscan farmhouse, the restaurant offers its wine cellar or atrium to small wedding parties of 35 or 64, respectively. The rooms are free of charge and menus run from $15 per hour for a cocktail party, with passed hors d'oeuvres like pizzettas and arancini, to two-course meals for $29 per person, three courses for $39, four courses for $49, and so on. The food, including homemade pastas using organic ingredients when possible, may not knock your socks off, but is better than typical mess-hall fare. 788A Union Street, Park Slope, 718-636-4800

9. Golden Unicorn: Forget the white-washed or demure décor of other venues. This dim-sum favorite allows you to celebrate your nuptials in a vivid red and gold setting. Give in to the kitsch of it all, starting at $45 per person or around $60 per person for the entire space, which accommodates up to 300. The menu is standard Cantonese banquet hall (read: nothing special), but the food and drink are plentiful. And they let you bring your own booze and wedding lions for the traditional costumed dance. 18 East Broadway, Chinatown, 212-941-0911

Say "I do" with okara at EN.
Say "I do" with okara at EN.
Rebecca Marx

8. EN Japanese Brasserie: Wouldn't you be psyched to have this modern izakaya host your small wedding? You should, especially if you happen to be in a same-sex couple. Rental fees are waived for LGBT weddings from now through October. Little private rooms at the back of the restaurant range from $75 to $250, flat rate, with a capacity of up 22; the front lounge holds 40 seated and 60 standing. Menus start at a reasonable $55 per person for signature dishes pearl passage oysters with ponzu, crispy fried chicken with aromatic rock salt, and freshly made scooped tofu. Opt for an open bar for as little $15 or $25 with cocktails, and get your cake from EN's confectionery partner, sexy Lady M. 435 Hudson Street, West Village, 212-647-9196

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