Our 10 Best West Village Restaurants

Our 10 Best West Village Restaurants

This cryptic facade on Sixth Avenue refuses to identify itself to the passing rabble. What restaurant is it?

Such a profusion of restaurants and small cafes the West Village offers! Though the opportunities for budget dining have dwindled the last few years, as pirates like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren have gobbled up storefronts, and lunatic landlords have left restaurant spaces empty hoping for stratospheric rents, the smorgasbord is still formidable on all fronts. And if you've got a pocket full of cash to spend, there's no limit to the gastronomic delights you can experience.

Our 10 Best West Village Restaurants

Mascot of Carmine Street's Cabrito, this pink goat is the second to fill that position--after the first was swiped!

As in the East Village, Japanese is a strong point, and two places in our top ten (one in our top 5) peddle it. Don't fear, there are a couple of extreme bargain spots in the top 10, and the Italian food that once dominated the entire nabe is still an important option, constituting a half-dozen spots if you include runners-up, which we do. Indeed, many of the runners-up might have been in the top 10 if we'd been in a different mood during the selection process, or perhaps just eaten there more recently.

But first we should define the neighborhood. For the purposes of this article, the West Village extends from Sixth Avenue to the Hudson River, and from 14th Street down to Houston Street. We've omitted the Meat Packing District, which will likely be fodder for a future 10 Best (or maybe, 5 Best), and wine bars like Gottino--though they're worthy, we consider their first priority dispensing wine instead of food.

As usual, please tell us about the places we've overlooked, and we'll add them to the Readers' Suggestions list.

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