Our 10 Best Williamsburg Restaurants

Our 10 Best Williamsburg Restaurants

The roof garden at French bistro Juliette awaits forlornly the return of summer.

The growth of Williamsburg restaurants in the last dozen years has been meteoric, and, where once there were a dozen or so places that might be worth trying, now there are probably 200 or more.

There are high-flown places where you can easily blow $100 per person, and plebian places where $5 gets you a filling meal--with leftovers! There are mediocre joints that cynically cater to clueless tourists, drawing them in with neon and strong drink, and joints known principally to locals, where the food is every bit as good as it needs to be to bring them back again and again. Some establishments are conveniently located, while others reside on streets you've probably never heard of. While the loss of Matamoros Puebla Grocery in the Bedford Avenue tenderloin was a very low blow, other great cheap places have leapt into the breech. Indeed, newcomer Doner--situated on the selfsame block--promises to be one of the brightest culinary stars in the neighborhood.

Take my hand as I lead you through Williamsburg's maze of streets, some of which recall the colonial history of Brooklyn, and the Dutch occupation before that, others of which reflect an Italian, Dominican, or German-Jewish heritage. Hungry? Let's get started.

Our 10 Best Williamsburg Restaurants

Think of the avocado fries at El Almacen as a sort of crisp and squishy warm salad.

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