Our 10 Favorite Far Downtown Restaurants

It's generally agreed that the area below Chambers Street is a food no man's land.
However, take a closer look, and you'll find a number of options that don't just fill a void, but are top-notch. We've rounded up our 10 favorites and lumped Battery Park City and the financial district together for our 10 Best Far Downtown Restaurants.

10. Toloache Taqueria: At the quick-concept outpost of Julian Medina's Toloache empire, if you get there early enough, you can watch your tortillas being pressed. Come lunchtime, the only thing you'll be watching is your watch as you creep down the line toward your order--especially on Taco Tuesday when they're $2 a pop. Regardless, the food is fresh and filling, the flavors are strong, and the tortilla soup is creamy and satisfying.

9. Suteishi: Every neighborhood has its sushi spot. This is the one that Seaport residents belly up to. Fresh fish standbys, interesting roll combinations, and flavor-packed sashimi "tastes" make it worth regular visits. Modern, airy digs and lack of pretension give it a big leg-up on nearby Haru--where we were once served hardened pre-sliced fish. Never again.

8. Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches: The third location of mini chain Nicky's Vietnamese is a no-frills spot with four high tops and maybe 10 stools total, but that doesn't hurt the location's brisk business. Neither does the Baoguette that recently moved in down the street. There are warmed baguettes stuffed with one of five options (classic pork, chicken, sardine), plus cold-killing pho soups. Vietnamese coffee is at the ready for the mid-afternoon desk slump or morning pick-me-up.

Our 10 Favorite Far Downtown Restaurants

7. Leo's Bagels: Shh, don't tell too many people, but we're pretty sure there is a Murray's Bagels offshoot staring right down Stone Street. That's right, Leo's serves that same goods as the popular Sixth Avenue shop, though in a much smaller space. Same bagels, same lox, even the same specials posted on butcher paper. Best to keep this a neighborhood secret.

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