Our 10 Most Pretentious Restaurants

Ippudo's ramen is good, but is it worth a three-hour wait?
Ippudo's ramen is good, but is it worth a three-hour wait?
Sarah DiGregorio

New York City teems with restaurants, offering diners many, many tasty options. With delicious often comes pretentious, though. Just because a restaurant serves up some good grub doesn't mean that the overall dining experience is worth the trip. And so we've come up with our 10 most pretentious restaurants. Certainly other pretentious places abound, so if we forgot your favorite, leave a suggestion in the comments.

10. Ippudo -- No question, the food at Ippudo is great. Nothing warms the soul on a cold day like a bowl of the akamaru modern or the special karaka-men. But a restaurant that quotes you a two- to three-hour wait time, unapologetically and without acknowledging the ridiculousness of the situation? No thanks. Even Nate Appleman agrees the restaurant's pretentious. 65 Fourth Avenue, 212-388-0088

9. Norma's -- Three words: Thousand dollar frittata. The restaurant in Le Parker Meridien serves a six-egg frittata topped with lobster claws and 10 ounces of Sevruga caviar for a mere thousand smackers, which is just over the top and ridiculous. 119 West 56th Street, 212-708-7460

Filled with customers who use "summer" as a verb.
Filled with customers who use "summer" as a verb.
Chessa Cahill

8. Le Bilboquet -- Unless your name is Muffy and you've been patronizing this French bistro since your days at Chapin to eat crab salad and hobnob with the friends you summer with in Biarritz, chances are you've had to deal with the rude and snobbish staff. 25 East 63rd Street, 212-751-3036

7. Torrisi Italian Specialties -- Yes, you're so precious with the old-school food products lining the shelves, your single menu, and your floral decorated china. A tad too much, though, no? Furthermore, how is anyone ever supposed to eat at your 18-seat restaurant if you don't take reservations? Not everyone gets out of work at 5 o'clock! 250 Mulberry Street, 212-965-0955

6. Momofuku Ko -- There's a lot of pomposity going on at David Chang's 12-seat prix-fixe restaurant without waiters. Surely, its most obnoxious element is its reservation system (what, a party of three can't dine there?), but the cuisine can be overly precious and the rule about no photography is annoying. 163 First Avenue, 212-500-0831

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