Our 10 Most Tweeted '10 Best' Lists

It's been ten months since our first "10 Best" list went up on Fork in the Road, and the feature has proven to be one of our most popular and most durable. Today we take a walk down memory lane to see which of the posts have garnered the most Twitter attention, and tomorrow we'll rank the posts by the number of comments--you may be surprised at the results.

45 Tweets: Our 10 Best Restaurants Under $6 (24 comments)

37 Tweets: Our 10 Best Hot Chocolates (12 comments)

34 Tweets: Our 10 Best Sandwiches (13 comments)

32 Tweets: Our 10 Best East Village Restaurants (40 comments)

30 Tweets: Our 10 Best Food Movies (12 comments)

28 Tweets: Our 10 Best Williamsburg Restaurants (67 comments)

27 Tweets: Our 10 Best Wine Shops (44 comments)

26 Tweets: Our 10 Best Brooklyn Bars (42 comments)

25 Tweets: Our 10 Best Wine Bars (30 comments)

24 Tweets: Our 10 Most Overrated Restaurants (43 comments)

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