Our Four Best Cheap Eats This Week

Our Four Best Cheap Eats This Week
Laura Shunk

Strapped for cash? We're serving up a fresh platter of five restaurants where you can eat for under $10. Check out dozens of other suggestions in our Cheap Eat of the Day archives.

White Bear, 135-02 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens, 718-961-2322 White Bear makes our favorite wontons in the city -- the pork-stuffed pouches come pooled in chili oil and covered in drifts of Szechuan peppercorns -- they're spicy, pungent, and utterly addicting, even if you think you're already full. Get 10 of them for a measly $4. -- Laura Shunk

Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, 514 Union Street, Brooklyn Okay, so Royal Palms doesn't actually have a kitchen. But the enterprising owners converted a loading dock into a food cart window, and each night, you'll find one of the city's best mobile vendors doling out wares for a song. Drinks and rounds of shuffleboard are also affordable, which means you can have what'll feel like a big night out and come away without doing too much damage to your bank account. -- Laura Shunk  

Charles' Country Pan Fried Chicken
Charles' Country Pan Fried Chicken
Paul Lowry via Flickr

Mee Thai, 180 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-230-8280 Upscale Thai dining has recently taken New York by storm, but if you're in the market for cheap, authentic Thai, this place is a win, and it shines far beyond the standard pick-your-protein pad Thai or curry (though there is also that, and they're fine renditions). For a taste of spring, go for a a fresh roll ($5.95), cool rice wraps stuffed with shredded fresh ginger, scallion, cucumber, carrots, sprouts, and herbs (and it's a filling three rolls per order), or a green papaya salad ($5.95), sliced into long, crisp strings with green beans, peanuts, zippy lime dressing, and cilantro. For entrees, try prik khing ($8.95) stir-fried in spicy thai chile sauce with red pepper, string beans, and kaffir lime leaves and, yes, your protein of choice or a classic, hearty Massaman potato curry. -- Hannah Palmer Egan

Charles' Country Pan-Fried Chicken, 2839 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, 212-281-1800 Few things on the menu at this beloved fried chicken joint climb above 10 bucks, and nearly everything is served with hearty portions of sides. We recommend the fried chicken, naturally; the juicy bird is encased in flaky golden batter. Support your meal with mac and cheese and collards; you'll get a slice of dense cornbread, too. If you're really strapped for cash, check out the sandwich section, which should keep the damage to your wallet under $5. -- Laura Shunk

Ed note: We've removed our cheap eat from This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef after learning the space shuttered late last month.

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