Our Man Sietsema Suggests the Chicken

When Our Man Sietsema gets all mushy about a roast chicken, you should probably assume this is a truly spectacular roast chicken. The birdie in question is from Jason Neroni's 10 Downing, which Our Man reviews today. (I always misspell the chef's last name "negroni," which I guess tells you that I'm thinking of gin and compari far too often.)

Of the bird, Our Man writes: "the tender young flesh marshaled in sienna-skinned fragments across an oblong heap of arugula."

Our Man is similarly impressed by almost everything he eats at 10 Downing, including a delicious-sounding squid ink agnolotti. He appreciates Neroni's cooking, which often places a skillfully cooked hunk of meat at the fore, and then surrounds it with clever touches and global flavors.

Click the clickity above to read the full review.

10 Downing
10 Downing Street 212-255-0300

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