OWS Protesters Still Eating Like Kings; NYC's Most Beloved Diners

Daniel Boulud will indeed be opening a new restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, as previously rumored. [Toronto Star]

More on those in-flight American Airlines meals designed by Richard Sandoval and Marcus Samuelsson. [Chicago Tribune]

Occupy Wall Street protesters are sitting on $435,000 in donations with $1,500 spent per day on food. [Wall Street Journal]

Additionally, the protesters are eating out of a five-star soup kitchen, with meals like salmon cakes with dill sauce and quinoa salad. [NY Post]

A roundup of New Yorkers' favorite diners in the city includes El Greco in Sheepshead Bay and La Caridad 78 on the Upper West Side. [NY Post]

New York chef and onetime Food Network star David Ruggerio has filed for bankruptcy for two Upper West Side restaurants he opened last year. [Crain's]

Starbucks has announced it will introduce its first "blonde," as in light-roast coffee products, next year. [Reuters]

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