Oxley's Carvery Is Coming to Mott Street

Oxley's Carvery Is Coming to Mott Street
Rebecca Marx

A couple of years ago, PBS made a short, poignant documentary about Albanese Meats called The Last Butcher in Little Italy. While Albanese may still be the neighborhood's last Italian butcher, it's about to get some carnivorous company from Oxley's Carvery, which is moving in to 202A Mott Street.

Unlike Albanese, Oxley's has a distinctly British accent. Established in 1961, according to its sign, it bills itself as a "Purveyor of Fine Meats, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Turkey, and Specialty Sausages." A Google search turned up almost no information, though there does seem to be an Oxley's in Yorkshire.

Only time will tell if it will bring quality butchery or self-conscious posturing to the neighborhood, but in the meantime check out the Albanese documentary, in which one recent arriviste inadvertently sums up Nolita's fate: "I always thought it was interesting that there was a meat shop in the middle of all these high-end boutiques opening up."

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