Park Slope Co-Op Will Vote on Boycott of Israeli Products Today

Today at Brooklyn Tech High School at 7 p.m., the Park Slope Co-op will decide once and for all whether to ban Israeli products in its grocery store. The meeting is not open to the public or the press, but there are bound to be legions of angry protesters waiting for the co-op members outside.

Mayor Bloomberg, at least, has already made his opinion on the matter known. Yesterday at a news conference in Brooklyn, he said he wondered why the co-op would take on a foreign-policy debate. "Why any of this has anything to do with selling food, I don't know," he said, according to the Times.

It's worth pointing out that the Israeli products in question -- the items that have caused a serious rift in the surrounding community, pitting neighbor against neighbor -- are exactly six in number.

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Park Slope Food Co-op

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