Peking Duck Bun: Incredibly Cheap Eats

Ultra-cheap Peking Duck bun
Ultra-cheap Peking Duck bun

No, it's not truly authentic Peking duck, but yes, it is extremely tasty and goes for a buck. To find this street-side duck bun stall, just go to the end of the 7 subway line, getting off at Main Street Flushing. Hop down the subway steps, and walk a half block on Main Street toward 40th Road, looking for the stern ladies hacking up duck and sticking it in mantou.

For your hard-earned dollar, you get a slab of well-seasoned meat, lacquered, almost-crisp duck skin, cucumber, scallions, and a squirt of hoisin sauce on the puffy mantou. Eat it to placate your growling stomach while you walk to one of the many other incredibly cheap eats outlets in the area.

On Main Street at 40th Road, Flushing

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