People Cooking Less at Home; Red Lobster Lowers Prices

Is butter the new hot condiment? If high-end restaurants in Asia are anything to go by, diners might soon expect to see a butter list with their meal. [Wall Street Journal]

France is now McDonald's second biggest market next to the U.S. Across Europe, people are cooking less at home. [Wall Street Journal]

In the face of a crackdown on fast-food chains, McDonald's, Burger King, and others are fighting back, saying that they have brought jobs to many poor neighborhoods. [LA Times]

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom will veto the city's ban on most McDonald's Happy Meals with toys, a meaningless measure because the law's already been approved. [SF Chronicle]

Passengers on the stranded Carnival cruise ship suffered two-hour food lines, and a menu of Pop-Tarts and Spam. Some got drunk to pass the time. [LA Times]

Red Lobster is overhauling its menu with several new cheaper options, including a classic New England lobster roll for $14. [Nation's Restaurant News]

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