PETA, Unsurprisingly, Has Something to Say About the White Slab Palace Taxidermy Incident

PETA naturally has something to say about this.
PETA naturally has something to say about this.
Melissa Mango for the Daily News

Where there is smoke, there is PETA: in the wake of the news that a woman was suing White Slab Palace after being clobbered by the bar's taxidermied moose (or was it caribou?) head, the animal rights organization has stepped in to offer its own two and a half cents on the matter.

According to the Daily News, Ingrid Newkirk, PETA's co-founder and president, sent a letter to the National Restaurant Association asking its asking its 380,000 members to swap any taxidermied specimens for ones fashioned from cardboard or inflatable plastic.

In her letter, Newkirk referenced the White Slab Palace incident, writing, "[p]erhaps it was bad karma - the departed moose's way of taking revenge on restaurant owners who are disrespectful enough to display their remains."

Whether or not there's also some kind of karma reserved for organizations who use the exploitation of women to further their own platform, Newkirk's letter apparently didn't specify.

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