Pix from Warung Kario

Pix from Warung Kario

The city's only Surinamese-Indonesian restaurant reflects the activities of Dutch colonialists in both Souheast Asia and South America during the 19th century.

Warung Kario is a hawker stall turned diner, started by immigrants from the Indonesian community of Suriname, on the northeast coast of South America. Here are some pix of the fascinating (and good!) food served there. See full review for an enhanced gloss on the dishes.

Pix from Warung Kario

Baka bana are battered and fried sweet plantains, served with a spicy and chunky peanut sauce. 

Teloh is a meal of fried cassava with salt cod and eggplant stew, garnished with a dried fish sambal, pickled purple onions, and cukes. 

Pix from Warung Kario

Goedangan is a vegetarian's delight: a salad of sprouts, green yard beans, and boiled eggs with a spicy coconut dressing.

Pix from Warung Kario

Bamie is a set meal featuring lo mein drenched in salty palm syrup (standing in for soy sauce) and spice-braised chicken--not to be missed.

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