Pork's New Slogan Sucks. Here Are 5 Better Ones.

Pork is longer the other white meat. After a long run promoting swine as one of the fairest of the meats, the National Pork Board has decided to change its slogan to the totally lame "Pork Be Inspired." The board claims it's because they want to inspire people to eat pork more often, but it's obviously because "Pork: The Other White Meat" is so racist sounding. White (meat) supremacy is so 1990s. Anyway, this new slogan is totally bland, so we've come up with five better ones:

1. Pork: One Word -- Bacon 2. Pork: Because You Can't Afford Filet Mignon 3. Pork: Because You're Christian 4. Pork: David Chang Approves 5. Pork: Lardcore!

Any inspired slogans you can come up with? Leave yours in the comments.

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