Posts of the Week

Hello, Friday afternoon, and thanks for rolling around again. Here's a recap of our favorite blog posts of the week.

Our Man Sietsema found some mighty fine chiles rellenos (a vegetarian delight) in Hell's Kitchen.

Chantal continued her running coverage of BYOB spots, and interviewed Jamie Wolff of Chambers Street Wines about what to bring to nearby Middle Eastern eatery Alfanoose.

Sietsema handicapped the upcoming Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, and you had plenty of opinions, too.

I revisited old favorite Taco Nuevo Mexico, where the menu has been gentrified, but the tamales are still just as good, and the brain tacos are hanging in there.

Chantal delved into the delicious jerky in Macau.

I talked to journalist Charles Clover about his new documentary, The End of the Line, and about how we can buy sustainable fish.

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