Posts of the Week

Congratulations, you've made it to Friday afternoon and it's all downhill from here. Here's what we got up to this week:

We got the Early Word on two new pizza joints: One from an Italian rapper-turned-pizza-maker and Anselmo's in Red Hook, which is turning out some fine, affordable coal-oven-fired pies.

We inaugurated our Three-Dollar Throwdown: Chantal made a shrimp and bok choy stir-fry, Robert invented a shrimp and shroom sub and Sarah came up with a spiced bean soup and fried plantains.

We explained why we really don't enjoy the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods We delved into the world of aged sake

We loved vegetarian khatsa at Himalayan Cafe, an East Village Nepalese diner

We talked to Resto chef Bobby Hellen about roasting a whole hog--and found out he could hook us up with our own piggy

Our Man Sietsema was very annoyed by Larry, the creepy Quaker Oat dude

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