Pot-Smoking Chefs Fuel Stoner Cuisine Movement; P.F. Chang Launches Private Wine Label

When "infamously gluttonous" Mario Batali jumps on the Meatless Mondays bandwagon, you know the campaign has legs. [Washington Post]

The trend toward over-the-top fatty, carb-heavy foods may be fueled in part by chefs who smoke weed and the munchies marijuana induces. [NY Times]

P.F. Chang's has introduced two private-label wines, a sauvignon blanc and a syrah blend, joining a growing contingent of restaurants selling their own branded wines. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Young, hip sommeliers like Paul Grieco of Terroir are not as enamored with Bordeaux as their predecessors. Burgundy is the new standard of excellence. [NY Times]

One Nation, Overweight is the latest TV documentary exploring obesity. CNBC correspondent Scott Wapner interviews experts and obese people seeking help. [NY Times]

John Ameroso was the city's first extension agent focused on farming, and now probably its last, as he formally retired in March. [NY Times]

Gordon Ramsay, who once got up to 250 lbs, says he doesn't like fat chefs because "it's just not a good advert[isement]" for the kitchen. [NY Post]

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