Prince Street Pizza's Fried Balls

Freshly fried rice balls
Freshly fried rice balls
Alexia Nader

Prince Street Pizza, the takeout pizza joint that replaced Ray's Pizza last month, serves pretty tasty square slices and three types of freshly fried snacks priced at $1.25 each. Two of them are classic arancini from southern Italy: a Neapolitan rice ball with mozzarella and Romano cheese, and a Sicilian one with ground beef, peas, and marinara sauce mixed in. Then there's our favorite, a cheesy fried ball of ricotta, mozzarella, and chopped prosciutto. You can order dipping sauces like the house marinara or a fra diavolo for your balls; they go well with the arancini. But try the prosciutto ball by itself, so you can really taste the delicate ricotta flavor inside. Prince Street Pizza (27 Prince Street, 212-966-4100)

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