Raines Law Room to Launch Ladies' Menu

Let it Raines.
Let it Raines.

Raines Law Room will introduce weekly drink specials this Sunday, featuring a rotating cast of $10 cocktails. This week's theme is cocktails created by women, such as the Hanky Panky by Ada Coleman of London's Savoy Hotel, a variation on the martini made with gin, sweet vermouth, and Fernet-Branca; and Liberty Cocktail, a mix of rum, applejack, demerara, and bitters, by Lynnette Marrero, who most recently can be found at Peels.

"I wanted to find a fun way for us to keep introducing new drinks between menu changes," says Meaghan Dorman, head bartender and founding member along with Marrero of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Protection of Endangered Cocktails).

The regular menu will still be available at the regular prices. Next week's $10 Sunday specials will focus on drinks by Charles Baker.

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