Rally to Save 35 Cooper Square/Asian Pub This Friday

Back in November, news surfaced that the 186-year-old building housing 35 Cooper Asian Pub was marked for demolition by some asshole developers. Fortunately, the locals are fighting back with a rally this Friday.

Per a press release sent to EV Grieve, the Bowery Alliance of Neighbors is staging the rally and press conference in front of the Federal Style-building at 4:30 p.m. The group will likely highlight the building's historical significance (it was built by William Nicholas Stuyvesant in 1825) and urge the Landmarks Commission to give it landmark status. There's a landmarking petition on the BAN website; whether it will resonate more loudly than developer dollars remains to be seen. But given the rest of the Bowery's appearance these days, the outcome unfortunately seems all too clear.

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