Random Suds: Entire Butt English Porter

Jeremy McNamara

In a word: roasty. Both the aroma and flavor of this beer are defined by dark roast coffee with minimal sweetness, slight effervescence, and a dry finish. Notes of chocolate seem to wind their way throughout the flavor and balance the bitterness of the coffee. As with Guinness, though, the creaminess and full flavor of this beer belie its low 4.8 percent alcohol content.

As described briefly on the back label, a historical porter was blended from all the beers on tap at a pub -- the "Entire Butt." Typically this would be an older stale beer, a newer beer, and a mild beer. In more modern times, a porter is brewed as a single beer using various malts, in this case 14 different types, to represent all the flavors.

While summer might not seem to be the ideal season for enjoying a dark, roasty porter, this beer will feel right at home next to some outdoor barbecue.

Beer: Entire Butt English Porter Color: Dark brown, ruby highlights Body: Full-bodied Type: English porter Foam: One finger, off-white, varying sized bubbles Brewer: Salopian Brewing Company, Shrewsbury, U.K. Size: 50 centileters (16.9 ounces) Alcohol: 4.8 percent Price: $4.99 Rating: 79 stars The Rating System: Out of 100 possible stars. Coors Light is arbitrarily assigned "0," and we're not telling you what "100" is, because we don't want to reveal our beer prejudices.

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