Restaurant A-List Still Excludes Top Chefs; Domino's Launches Low-Fat School Pizza

Close to 60 percent of the 24,000 restaurants in the city that have been inspected by the city received an "A" grade. So, why are some of the city's most highly regarded restaurants still struggling to even get a "C"? [NY Times]

Do you have the time and patience to make your pet's food? Those who do say it can clear up doggy and kitty health problems. [NY Times]

Meanwhile, you could also let your pet munch on Pet Salad, a package of planted organic greens similar to wheatgrass that's great for cats and turtles. [NY Times]

Domino's Pizza has launched a reduced fat "Smart Slice" pizza for delivery to schools, made with white whole-wheat dough that has fewer calories, less fat, and less sodium. [Nation's Restaurant News]

A study of 58 kid foods advertised as healthy found that 84 percent of them weren't, including tomato soup and Rice Krispies. Either they were too fatty, sugary, or sodium-rich. [LA Times]

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