Restaurants Love a Monday Valentine's Day; Pepsi to Launch Skinny Can to 'Honor' Women

McDonald's is getting its chipotle on with a new Chipotle BBQ Bacon Angus burger priced at $3.99 and available through March 31. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Restaurants are happy that Valentine's Day is on a Monday night because Mondays are usually slow for business. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Following an initial cold shoulder due to his "open letter to Toronto," the Canadian city has warmed up to Scott Conant's Scarpetta outpost. [BlackBook]

A new study links drinking diet soda to increased risk for heart attack or stroke. But the study couldn't account for the undoubtedly crappy diet of big soda drinkers. [LA Times]

Flex Mussels' pastry chef, Top Chef: Just Desserts contestant Zac Young, has created "drunken doughnuts," made with a little bit of alcohol. [Wall Street Journal]

A new breed of chef in Athens, Greece, is bringing avant-garde techniques to traditional Greek cuisine. [Wall Street Journal]

Pepsi is launching a new Diet Pepsi "Skinny Can" at Fashion Week "in celebration of beautiful, confident women." [FOX News]

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