Restaurants to Hike Prices Like Airlines; 10 Best Uptown Restos

The latest survey shows that concerns about weight and weight loss are at an all-time low. Not that people aren't fat; they just don't care about it. [WedMD]

Some New York City prep schools have professional chefs, call students "clients," feed them locally sourced, grass-fed beef, and host visits from chefs like Dan Barber. [NY Times]

Restaurants are about to take a page out of the airlines' playbook and hike menu prices around the country. [Bloomberg]

Anita Lo reveals that Iron Chef America was a "walk in the park" compared with Top Chef Masters. Oh, and she eats moo shu pork, just like the rest of us. [Wall Street Journal]

An abandoned Popeye's in East New York has become an eyesore (and a nosesore?) to residents as flies cover leftover rotting food. [NY Daily News]

Eater's Amanda Kludt gives Brits an insider's look at the Uptown Manhattan, rounding up the 10 best restaurants, including Shake Shack, Fatty Crab, and Red Rooster Harlem. [Guardian]

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